The sureride brand is the most recent addition to the TrelleborgVibracoustic group, one of Europe's leading air spring suppliers.

Designed specifically for the US market sureride air springs meet truck operators demands for high performance at affordable prices, meaning more miles on the road and lower replacement costs.
Under test conditions sureride air
springs consistently outperform the

competition. Sureride air springs are built to last and as such we are the only US
air spring supplier to offer a product guarantee of 250,000 miles or two years service - whichever comes first.

Our joint test facility and warehouse is ideally located in Mid America, to ensure easy ordering and fast delivery, making sureride the obvious choice in the air spring replacement market.


Sureride comes from a well connected family. TrelleborgVibracoustic has over
30 years experience in the North American truck market, selling anti vibration solutions to the major OEMs and their aftermarket suppliers. Sureride air springs are the latest addition to the North American NVH portfolio.

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Toll Free: 00-1-855-7GETSURERIDE
            or 00-1-855-734-8787
Mail to: sureride@tbvc.com

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